OUR Policies

Safety :

Aires Engineering Co. Ltd. always sets safety at the highest priority and zero accident in all our business activities is our all-time irrevocable objective. We commit to allocate adequate and sufficient resources to achieve the highest standard of safety control and management across all corporate functions at all levels. Our Safety Manual stipulates responsibilities of all personnel, control measures and risk analysis for compliance with statutory ordinance and prevention of safety accidents. It also describes the dissemination and training of safety information to all persons involved in our business activities at all levels including our suppliers and sub-contractors. Our Board of Directors undertakes continuous review on the corporate safety performance and effective implementation of Safety Manual, and enforces responsive development and regulation.

Quality :

Aires Engineering Co. Ltd. is committed to quality, and our goal is to satisfy our customers from our offered services. To guide our business operation toward our corporate mission, we formulate and implement a documented quality system, which conforms to ISO standard. Our quality system sets out procedures and guidelines for our business activities to understand our customer needs and react properly to fulfill thoroughly. We promote smart application of technology as our effective tools of attaining the highest quality standard. We advocate a corporate culture of continuous learning and endeavor to adapt to changing market context through continual review and improvement of our quality system.

Environmental :

Aires Engineering Co. Ltd. seriously recognizes environmental protection as our important corporate social responsibility. We are always keeping high level of consciousness on conserving scarce natural resources and reducing pollution, and take big pride in environmental success. We adopt a documented Environmental Control Scheme (ECS) to systematically operate all our business functions in all levels in pursuit of minimum use of natural resources and minimum creation of wastes and pollution. Our ECS derives and reviews our Environmental objective, which, we perceive, shall be going more stringent with time and technology advance. Training forms a main part of our ECS and is dedicated to create and sustain an environmental culture across management, employees, suppliers and sub-contractors.